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MyGunDB Developer To Attend SHOT Show
January 17, 2012

Enter MyGunDB, a cross-platform software application from Intelligent Firearms Solutions that meets all of the above needs and more.  MyGunDB allows users to keep a secure, detailed database of their firearms and accessories that includes prices, actual values, maintenance schedules, rounds fired, purchase and sale details and much more.  MyGunDB is such a valuable tool that various entities, including the CMP, have chosen to pair up with the developer to release their own licensed version of MyGunDB.  In fact, work on a GunLink edition of MyGunDB is nearly complete!

We got a chance to catch up with Alan Ellis, developer of the IFS MyGunDB software, and ask him a few questions.   If youíd like to learn more, you can find Alan on Twitter and facebook.

GunLink:  Hi, Alan.  How are you doing today?
Alan Ellis:  Excellent! Getting ready for a new release so coding, coding, coding!

GL:  So, youíre the man behind the MyGunDB software?  Tell us a little about the software.
AE:  Yep, MyGunDB is my baby! A user once described MyGunDB as Quickbooks for your firearms. Itíll help you track your firearm stats, accessories, pictures, factory and reloaded ammo, maintenance schedule ó pretty much everything a collector needs! Itís the best way to keep your collection organized on Windows, OSX and Linux machines, if I do say so myself.

GL:  How did you come up with the idea for MyGunDB?
AE:  Well, I kept looking for a good way to store my bound book data on my computer but I couldnít find anything that worked the way I thought it should. I mean, I have poor handwriting and Iím a computer geek, so the idea of a hand written bound book just seemed silly to me. So I decided to write my own. Now a lot of the features werenít my own idea; there are several thousand posts on forums between users and myself ...



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