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Welcome to the forums!  

MyGunDB is an advanced firearms inventory system that allows you to keep track of all of your firearms and accessories.  We have been working with Wolfrage, the creator of MyGunDB, to create a GunLink Edition of this fine software, which is nearly ready to unveil (actually, the software is ready to unveil, we just need to finish the webpage from which you can download it!)

MyGunDB, which meets BATFE Digital Bound Book requirements, is great for collectors, C&R holders, FFL dealers and other firearms enthusiasts.  It keeps track of maintenance schedules, round count, ammo and accessories, values, insured values, condition, pictures and more.

This software is completely FREE for use with up to 10 firearms and licenses to use it with more firearms begin under $20.

MyGunDB is built on Adobe Air and runs on Windows, Mac OS X v10.5+ and Linux operating systems.  

The designer of the software is a member here on the forum, so feel free to ask questions either here, or on his Wolfrage or MyGunDB twitter accounts.


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