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Defensive Handgun Training in Central KY for Women


Keeping the Piece:
I'll be teaching a 'Ladies Only' Intro to Defensive Handgun class on March 10, 2012 at American Institute of Marksmanship in Cave City, KY.  Seats go fast and we only have this class twice a year, so it's time to start considering your calendar, setting aside funds, and making arrangements to attend this class.  Here's a list of some of the things we'll be covering in class.

* Basic Firearm Safety, Revolvers vs. Semi-Autos (Pros & Cons), Pistol Nomenclature & Function, Cleaning & Care of Handguns, Basic Marksmanship, Situational Awareness & Avoidance Tactics, Concealed Carry Concerns for Curvy Chics, Choosing Ammo & Caliber, Moving Off the Line of Attack, Drawing from a Holster, Basic Malfunction Clearances, Reloads.

You will need 200 rounds, handgun, holster, mag pouch, a good sturdy belt, and hearing/eye protection.  Class costs $99.  Questions?  Call Eric at 270-544-7220 or Colleene at 859-707-5527. 

Sign up today!  You'll need to go here to pay:

And here to register:


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