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Cabela's has to be one of my favorite places to go to for outdoor, hunting, camping, fishing and gun stuff, food processing equipment, etc.  Cabela's stores aren't just a retail outlet, they're a full blown attraction.  They generally have a HUGE taxidermy display, a deer trophy room, a giant, well stocked aquarium, an eatery and more.

It seems like Cabela's firearm prices are usually a little higher than other places, but I suppose they have to pay for the overhead of having a billion "outfitters" working the floor and taking care of the displays, etc.

Their prices on camping, fishing, hunting and other gear is about on par with most places.  You can find similar items for cheaper but they're usually of lesser quality.  Cabela's gear is generally well made and they stand behind what they sell.  Ammo prices are decent from here and that probably constitutes the bulk of what I get from Cabela's. 

It seems like every couple months they have some sort of special that makes it worthwhile to buy a bunch of stuff from them.  Either a big sale, a free shipping promotion or something like that.  They're also always mailing me coupons for Y% off of an $X or more purchase or a giftcard that gets activated when you buy something.  And there's no shortage of promo codes available for them from places like Retail Me Not.  If you're looking to save money, be sure to check out their "Bargain Cave."

Every time I've ordered something from Cabela's, it's always shipped from their warehouse quickly and arrived quickly.  Sometimes they seem to skimp on packing material, although I've never had anything show up damaged.  Once or twice there may have been a SNAFU with an order but Cabela's was quick to right the issue.  Every time I've been to one of their retail stores, all the employees have always been helpful and knowledgeable.  And no matter which place I've purchased goods from, they always stand behind the products in case anything goes south.


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