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Firearms Guide 4th Edition


See our review of the Firearms Guide 4th Edition here.

--- Quote ---The latest installment in the Firearms Guide series released this month by Impressum Media demonstrates the publishers continuing efforts to improve the product.  Arriving on the scene almost one year after the previous version, the 4th Edition Firearms Guide continues to grow.
More, more, more!

The addition of several thousand entries pushes the total over 57,000 firearms, air gun and ammunition entries from more than 630 manufacturers more than doubling the 250 manufacturers represented in the 3rd edition of the guide.  Among these entries are over 4,300 printable high-resolution firearms schematics, which are great for routine maintenance or for figuring out how to put your firearm back together after a spring lets loose and sends that doohickey flying across the room.
--- End quote ---
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Does it cover a lot of older guns or just modern firearms?

Not as good of a conversation starter as coffee table books though. 


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