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SHOT Show 2016 News & Press Release Thread

Check back often for official news from SHOT Show 2016 Exhibitors

Grinnell, Iowa – Brownells will unveil new products, show off new Dream Guns® and host celebrity appearances in Booth #13018 on the main floor at SHOT Show 2016, Jan. 19-22, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new products include the very first AR-15 lower to bear the Brownells name. Patterned after the first versions of the M16, the stripped lower has the correct profile for completing authentic replica builds of early model guns, as well as more recent firearms like the MK18 and MK12 rifles.

Brownells will also release an M16A1 carry handle stripped upper and the new Brownells-branded hearing protection with both passive and electronic ear muffs.

“The whole Brownells gang always looks forward to SHOT Show,” said Chairman Frank Brownell. “It’s a great chance to do business, plus meet up with old friends we haven’t seen in a while and make new friends. We’ve got some exciting things going on at our booth, so be sure to drop by and say ‘Hello.’”

Visitors to the Brownells booth will be able to pick up show swag and special discount promo cards. Those not attending SHOT Show can keep up with the latest by visiting the Brownells SHOT Show page.

Brownells will showcase 11 new Dream Guns®, firearms customized and outfitted with some of the newest products and accessories Brownells has to offer. The Dream Guns span rifles, handguns and shotguns, and include a Remington 700, a Ruger® Mark III, a Glock® 17 and a Benelli M2.  The purpose of the Dream Guns is to inspire and show customers what’s possible to create using Brownells wide selection of parts, accessories and tools.

The Brownells booth will also host four celebrities during SHOT: actor Lou Ferrigno from “The Incredible Hulk,” Lou and Theresa Tuminaro from Outdoor Channel’s “The Gunfather Presented by Brownells,” and professional shooter Janna Reeves. They will be available to chat and sign autographs at the following dates and times.

* Tuesday, Jan 19 – Lou Ferrigno. 12pm – 2pm
* Wednesday, Jan 20 – Lou & Theresa Tuminaro, 11am – 12pm
* Wednesday, Jan 20 – Lou Ferrigno, 12pm – 2pm
* Wednesday, Jan 20 – Janna Reeves, 3pm – 4pm
* Friday, Jan 22 – Janna Reeves, 10am—11am
About Brownells
Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools, survival gear and archery. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever.

Armasight is adding to their line of thermal and NV products...

Armasight Introduces Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Monocular

Armasight is proud to introduce the Q14 Long-wave Infrared Multifunctional Thermal Imaging
Monocular (LIMTIM) representing the latest evolution in our never-ceasing quest to reduce size,
weight, and power (SWaP) while maximizing the number of available features and functions.
The LIMTIM’s remarkably compact size ensures that it can be concealed in a shirt pocket and its
featherweight mass at 240g with battery gives claim to it being the lightest fully multi-functional
thermal imager currently on the market. The LIMTIM has a wide range of features incorporated
into the unit that put it at the forefront of all other miniature thermal imagers in its class. It can be
equipped with either a visible or near-IR laser pointer intended for handing off targets of interest to
non-thermal equipped assets in the field. It has two integral rail mounts so that it is not necessary
to disengage the head/helmet mount interface in order to mount the unit on a weapon as a standalone
short-range weapon sight. The mini-rail design allows for mounting on a wide variety of inservice
head mounts, helmet mounts, reflex cameras, digital video recorders, and
MIL-STD-1913 weapon rail systems using the optional quick-release interfaces. The mini-rails are
non-invasive enough where handheld operation is comfortable and ergonomically optimized to
the operator’s hands - NOMEX gloved or not. Equipped with digital compass and inclinometer, the
Q14 LIMTIM offers the operator the tools necessary to interpolate accurate distance to target and
target orientation.

Additional Armasight proprietary hyper-image processing (HIP) code provides the LIMTIM with
a robust library of software features to tailor the image to the optimum standards required of
the operator. These features include direct button functions such as display brightness, palette
selection, electronic zoom, manual non-uniformity correction (NUC) using a simple, intuitive three
button keypad. Menu driven features incorporate desirable operator-specific adjustments such as
palette selection, reticule selection and color, weapon boresight, scene-related imaging corrections,
stored rifle caliber profiles, format selection, compass calibration sequence, and a “factory settings”
default option. The wireless remote capability and Bluetooth features prevents the Q14 LIMTIM from
becoming obsolete as new applications and software reaches maturity and comes to market. The
nine-pin connector on the Q14 reveals the dynamic nature of this mite-sized powerhouse. Through
the multi-pin connector, the operator can record video using the Armasight Digital Video Recorder
(DVR), augment the battery life by attaching to external battery options, inject target range data
from an externally mounted Armasight laser rangefinder and update/upload new software revision
and applications from personal accounts associated with the Armasight customer access web sites.
The Q14 LIMTIM is designed from inception to be waterproof to 20 meter and meet all the established
environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810(G).

Operating off a variety of 123A format commercial expendable and rechargeable batteries, the Q14
LIMTIM offers a respectable 1+ hours run time for the 640x512 focal plane array format. With a
diopter range of -5 to +5 diopters and a focus range of 20cm to infinity, the LIMTIM demonstrates its
operational flexibility for all mission applications.

* Weight 240 g
* MIL-810G rugged, waterproof glass fiber reinforced construction
* FLIR Quark 2 VOx microbolometer in 640 and 336 options
* Fast Germanium objective lens
* 800x600 organic LED display
* Drop-down menu
* Simple, intuitive 3-button control
* User-adjustable Image Enhancement Tools
* Polarity control (Black Hot/ White Hot)
* Color & monochrome palettes
* Digital Zoom up to 8x
* NTSC/PAL field switchable video output
* Easy adaptability to wide selection of head, helmet, and weapon mounts with Quick Rail/ Dove Tail/ Bayonet interfaces (i.e. Armasight, Wilcox, Norotos, or Cadex)
* Fast time to image ( < 3 sec)
* One CR123A battery operation
* Made in the USA
About Armasight:
Armasight is a leading US-based provider of advanced tactical Night Vision and Thermal Imaging
Solutions, top-quality Direct View Binoculars, Illumination Tools and other precision optics featuring
outstanding performance and characterized by a wealth of innovative features.
Armasight uses state-of-the-art materials, manufacturing facilities and forward-looking designs.
Our competencies include continuous improvement, evaluation, and implementation of the
latest electro-optical technological advancements.

JMK Enterprises, Inc. introduces Coolfire CO2 Laser Training System

JMK Enterprises, Inc. introduces Coolfire - a revolutionary, patent-pending firearms training system that utilizes CO2 and an integrated laser to convert a standard pistol (your pistol) into an effective firearms training tool. With each pull of the trigger, the CO2 provides recoil and the integrated laser emits a pulse that may be registered on a laser target.

CoolFire is the only recoil laser training system available to the general shooting enthusiast. With each pull of the trigger, the CO2  provides recoil and the laser emits a pulse that may be registered on a laser target.

* Realistic recoil with audible sound.
* Train in your own home for home defense.
* Safely train using your own gun.
* Save expensive ammunition until you need it.
* Robust design allows for repetitive, long-term use.
* Bad weather no longer prevents training.
* Easy installation-No tools required.
* Train Anywhere.

New self defense ammo from the maker of the R.I.P rounds...

G2 Releases New Civic Duty Self-Defense Round

Winder, GA – G2 Research introduces its new Civic Duty round for serious self-defense.  Designed to reliably and quickly expand to 2.5 times its caliber, this new round delivers incredible attack stopping energy, large wound area and excellent penetration.

A “humble” 100-grain 9mm Civic Duty bullet will open up to 0.855 inches, creating a near-instant fight-stopping wound by effectively delivering all of its energy inside the target.

The Civic Duty bullet is a solid copper, CNC-machined bullet that upon entering the target immediately begins expansion as a large hollow point. At initial contact, six large petals of the jacket peel back to create a fight-stopping wound. Unlike conventional hollow point bullets – which may not expand reliably due to clothing filling up the hollow point, the Civic Duty will indeed reliably open up because of its peeling petal design.

The Civic Duty round is currently available in 9mm and a .45ACP round will be on the market in the near future. The Civic Duty round is designed to function exceptionally well at lower velocities (.45 ACP) and at higher velocities (such as the 9mm at 1,230+ fps).

Another thing: The lighter bullet weight greatly reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip, making for faster and more accurate follow up shots-if necessary.

Priced at $41.99 for a box of 20, this is no low-cost plinking round. Then again, low-cost rounds are not made on CNC machines. The Civic Duty round is designed to stop a fight quickly and sometimes you must ask yourself: “Is my life worth two bucks a shot?”

•   MSRP: $41.99 box of 20 rounds (see above)
•   Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
•   Bullet: 100-grain copper alloy extreme-expansion
•   Velocity: 1,230fps average (+ up to 10 percent)
•   Penetration: 9-10 inches of reliable penetration in ballistic gel

About G2 Research:
G2 Research specializes in the evolution of ammunition. Solid copper fracturing R.I.P. and RipOut, Maximum Expansion Trident & Cold Tracer V.I.P. Round


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